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Elizabeth Spiegel, MD and Colin Partridge, MD, MPH	International Perceptions of Pediatric Disability

If you were born tomorrow, how many years of a disabled life would you trade to avoid life-long disability? This was the question put to parents & providers...

8/27 2pm
Alison Kuchta, MD, PhD  Emerging Drug Resistance Patterns impacting Global Child Health

Emerging drug resistant pathogens represent a significant threat to human health. Drug resistant infections currently claim 700,000 lives per year and are...

9/19 10am
Patrick Newman, MD: Collaborative Health Systems Strengthening with Partners in Health in Chiapas, Mexico

Health systems strengthening in Chiapas, Mexico. Dr Newman has been working with Partners in Health since 2012 in quality improvement cycles addressing,...

9/19 11:30am

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