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CAPS Town Hall: NIH Grant Proposals - New Procedures

Presented by the CAPS Intervention and Implementation Science Core and CAPS Town Halls at the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, Division of Prevention...

1/22 11am
Global Neurology Forum: Diagnosing and Managing  Parkinson’s Disease Globally

The Global Neurology Forum series provides an opportunity for learning and dialogue about the diagnosis and management of neurological conditions. The Forum...

1/23 8am
Learn to script with Unix Shell

This class will introduce the UNIX shell. You'll learn to navigate the file system, manipulate files and directories, search for files with grep and find,...

1/25 10am
IGHS Grand Rounds: Quality in Health

John Peabody, MD, PhD Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, UCSF President and Founder, Qure Healthcare Join us for a discussion of quality in...

1/29 4:30pm
Intro to Python: Part 1

This workshop will provide an introduction to programming in Python for people with little or no previous programming experience. We will cover basic...

2/7 10am

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My IDP Workshop


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UCSF Bioengineering

UCSF Bioengineering left a positive review 5/17/2018

very helpful & interesting. Loved the small-group dynamic, plenty of personal attention. Thank you.

Aubrey Carstenson

Aubrey Carstenson left a positive review 5/17/2018

It was very helpful and gave some great insight as to helping our individual departments as well as what will be helpful for future communications efforts.

Emily Letts

Emily Letts left a positive review 5/17/2018

This was really helpful! I came in ten minutes late so maybe they did this - but it would be nice if they asked everyone who came in what they wanted to get out of the session. I feel like everyone had very specific reasons for joining. I had a specific task I needed help with. What was really lovely was that the facilitators stayed afterwards to help me with my needs and answer my specific questions. So helpful!

Evelina Manvelyan

Evelina Manvelyan left a positive review 5/17/2017

Very informative lecture on one of the most complicated/convoluted subjects.

Kristian McManus

Kristian McManus left a positive review 8/15/2016

Earl was fantastic

Kristian McManus

Kristian McManus left a positive review 8/28/2016

Everyone should take this class

Debra Summers

Debra Summers left a positive review 8/9/2016

Excellent class. I learned valuable best practices that I am able to apply immediately to improve the quality of the websites I manage. Kristian, thanks for the clear and comprehensive explanations, and for your willingness to answer questions. I am looking forward to attending the other classes in the series.

Kristian McManus

Kristian McManus left a positive review 8/9/2016

As the instructor, I was very please with the attendees. They were interacting, attentive, gave good feedback and made the hour a pleasure for me. I hope it was helpful. It was recorded if you missed it - first 5 min slow so just skip it - unless you want to see me set up the laptop ;-) https://lecture.ucsf.edu/ets/Play/1aba755ec0904d08b062d47dd4fe8fb41d

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