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Surgical Innovations is an initiative of the Department of Surgery in partnership with the Department of Bioengineering & Therapeutic Sciences to identify, mentor, and facilitate the translation of novel medical technologies into transformative new devices and treatments to improve human health. By offering high-quality training experiences for residents and graduate students, fostering interdisciplinary and industry collaborations, and providing seed funding, advising, and engineering support to innovative surgeons, Surgical Innovations is creating an ecosystem at UCSF in which device development can thrive.


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Surgical Innovations Meeting

Topic: PDC real world evidence demonstration project: Expanding labeling for a cryoablation probe for adolescent patients Presenters: Elizabeth Gress, MPA...

10/1 4pm
 Surgical Innovations Meeting

Topic: Developing A Positioning Device For Lateral Decubitus Lumbar Puncture Presenter: Megan Richie, MD Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology Neurology...

10/8 4pm

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