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The vision of the UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine is to nurture health and inspire well-being in all people.

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Laughter Yoga

Laughter is contagious and has a powerful and immediate effect on our mind, body and spirit. Our bodies can’t tell the difference between real or simulated...

1/21 6pm

Chair yoga is a gentle yoga practice that gives you the benefits of traditional yoga poses while being comfortably supported by a chair. The class will help...

1/22 12pm
Restorative yoga posture

Restorative Yoga facilitates health and relaxation by supporting the body in easy and comfortable positions with props. You can use items available in your...

1/25 10am
A Place to Breathe Screening and Panel Discussion

Join a special UCSF-only film screening and panel discussion on “A Place to Breathe”--a film about immigrant and refugee health care practitioners and...

1/26 12pm
Yoga and Self-Care for Patients Living with Cancer

Take time to care for yourself by joining this class. You will be guided through various ways to nurture yourself that you can weave into your everyday life....

1/27 4pm

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