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The Office of Career & Professional Development (OCPD), in collaboration with the four schools and the Graduate Division, teaches students and postdoctoral scholars the professional skills required to navigate their careers successfully. OCPD is a unit under Vice Chancellor Liz Watkins.

For more information about programs, online resources and 1:1 career counseling appointments,  please visit us at CAREER.UCSF.EDU.

Upcoming Events

Communicating Across Cultures as an International Student or Scholar

Do you find yourself struggling to communicate your thoughts and ideas to someone from a different culture? Communicating across cultures is quite common in...

3/21 9am
Consulting Application Materials: Cover Letters, Internship Applications, and Resumes

Note: Registration required (Register through Eventbrite) Description: Students and postdocs: Need help writing your application materials for consulting...

3/27 5:30pm
Women's Career Advancement Series: Preparing for and Cultivating Sponsors

Note: Registration required (Register through Eventbrite) Description: At the 2017 Women's Career Advancment Symposium, UCSF attendees learned what a...

4/4 12pm
Identifying Your Values and Motivators: In Collaboration with Student Health & Counseling

Note: Registration required (Register through Eventbrite) In this engaging session, you will be introduced to the concept of values and its importance in...

4/18 12pm
STEP-UP Introduction to Pedagogy Course (4 meetings)

Note: Registration required (Register through Eventbrite) Course Description: The STEP-UP course is an introduction to science education for UCSF...

4/19 12:30pm

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