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Sandler Neurosciences Center

3:00-4:00pm Dr. Sharon Chiang - Title TBD

5/12 3pm
Fishman Professorship

A Bench to Clinic Journey in Neurodegenerative Disease and Early Influences of Dr. Robert Fishman Frank Longo, MD, PhD George and Lucy Becker Professor and...

5/12 5pm
First Annual Dementia Day logo

This is a virtual event for the UCSF community that will include expert speakers, a poster session, funding information, and a grand challenge brainstorming...

5/18 9am
Sandler Neurosciences Center

3:00-4:00pm Dr. Michael Diaz - Title TBD 4:00-5:00pm Dr. Alexandra Brown - Diversity 5:00-6:00pm Dr. John Engstrom - Autonomic Nervous System

5/19 3pm
two people holding hands

Dr. Kristine Yaffe's Center for Population Brain Health (CPBH) WIP is a twice-monthly meeting open to UCSF faculty, postdocs, staff, and students. The...

5/20 10am

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