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The Cancer Resource Center supports wellness and healing by providing patients and their loved ones with information, emotional support, and community resources.

Upcoming Events

Restorative Movement: The Feldenkrais® Method: For People with Cancer

The Feldenkrais® Method is a revolutionary approach to fitness and health that is rapidly gaining recognition as a powerful means of rehabilitation for those...

6/27 11am
Knitting Gathering: For People with Cancer

Come together to knit, to share, and to laugh! Our weekly Knitting Gathering is the perfect way to relax, meet others, and create beautiful hats, scarves,...

6/27 12pm
Core and More: For People with Cancer

Exercise training can improve physical functioning in cancer patients. Exercise can reduce feelings of fatigue, depression, and nausea; improve mental...

6/28 10am
Meditation & Guided Imagery: For People with Cancer

People with cancer and their caregivers are invited to join us for our free weekly Meditation and Guided Imagery class. This is a drop-in weekly class (no...

7/1 1:30pm
Healing Through Dance: For People with Cancer

In this class, participants use movement, expression, imagery, and creativity to facilitate their own healing. Re-awakening the body to action enhances...

7/2 11am

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