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Please join us for our first session in the Staff Resource Month Professional Development Series! Learn how to develop networks of contacts, promote your whole self, and engage in a professional community to realize professional goals.

Presenters: Erik Wieland, Associate Director, IT Enterprise Applications, and Dani Cambier, Co-Chair, UCSF Administrative Management Professionals (AMP)


This event is part of UCSF Staff Resource Month 2022. UCSF Staff Resource Month connects staff to UCSF and community resources that support personal and professional development. The events promote understanding and belonging across professional and personal identities, approaching UCSF staff fulfillment and growth through an equity lens. Staff Resource Month will take place throughout the month of May and is sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Outreach, Campus Life Services, Human Resources, UCSF Health, and the Staff Subcommittee for the Council on Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion (4CI).  

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Event Accessibility: UCSF welcomes people with disabilities at our events. If you require reasonable accommodations for this event, please contact email of event contact here as soon as possible. 

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