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UCSF Liver Center Seminar | Mathias Heikenwälder

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 8am to 9am

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"Stratification of immune cells in chronic hepatitis: Consequences for liver cancer therapy"

The liver microenvironment is shaped by the different viral and non-viral etiologies driving chronic hepatitis and liver cancer. The distinct composition and activation status of hepatic immune cells dictates treatment response efficacy – e.g. in the context of immunotherapy. In my talk I will discuss the different flavors of immune cells and their activation status in chronic hepatitis, its different metabolic and pathological features, and why some adaptive immune cells in the liver become auto-agressive, whearas others do not. 

Host: Holger Willenbring, MD, PhD

**After the seminar, there will be an opportunity for faculty and trainees to interact with the speaker. Please email Lisa McNichol if you want to participate.**

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