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The UCSF Lynch Syndrome Center & UCSF Hereditary Cancer Clinic is offering a town hall meeting to discuss an upcoming Clinical Trial for a Lynch Syndrome Vaccine.

Our meeting will consist of information regarding the Lynch Syndrome Vaccine Trial sponsored by the National Cancer Institute (NCI)/Division of Cancer Prevention. We aim to provide information on:

  • What is the cancer prevention vaccine?
  • What are the cancer prevention vaccine trials for Lynch Syndrome?
  • How to get involved in a Lynch vaccine trial?


  • Aparajita Singh, MD, MPH, Director of UCSF Gastrointestinal Cancer Prevention Program


  • Elizabeth Lynn, Nurse Practioner, Hereditary Cancer Clinic, UCSF
  • Sarah Sturm, Genetic Counselor, UCSF
  • Vinaya Murthy, Genetic Counselor, UCSF
  • Amie Blanco, Genetic Counselor, UCSF

Learning Objectives

  • Review of Lynch Syndrome risk factors
  • Awareness of who’s at increased risk and what it means
  • Discussion of Lynch Syndrome Vaccine Trial
  • Acknowledgment of the importance and impact of personalized approach for patients and families with hereditary cancer mutations


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