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New Opportunities for Primate Cellular Neuroscience in the Era of Single Cell Genomics

Jonathan T. Ting, PhD
Allen Institute for Brain Science


Please join us for a seminar by Dr. Jonathan Ting on Thursday, May 12.

Jonathan T. Ting joined the Allen Institute in 2013 to provide electrophysiology expertise for the Human Cell Types program and to develop functional assays on human ex vivo brain slices. As a postdoc at Duke University and the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT, he studied the neural circuitry basis of psychiatric disorders and developed and characterized several transgenic mouse lines now widely employed for optogenetic control of nervous system function. At the Allen Institute, Dr. Ting established extensive research collaborations with local neurosurgeons in the greater-Seattle area to routinely obtain neurosurgical samples of the human cortex for research purposes for detailed analysis using diverse methodologies including patch-clamp electrophysiology, optical imaging, single-cell transcriptomic profiling, morphological reconstructions, and array tomography. He is now leading efforts to develop next-generation viral tools to access molecularly defined cell types in the brain.


Hosted by Tomasz Jan Nowakowski, PhD

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  • Linda Hee, Ph.D.

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