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"The Alchemist" Virtual Escape Room

Wednesday, August 25, 2021 11:50am to 1:00pm

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Join Wellness and Community for this virtual escape room to connect with your UCSF community and have fun!

The Order of the Alchemists has finally created the Philosopher’s Stone. The secret gathering of the Order is arranged to take control of the World with this powerful artifact. You are sending the agent into the library of the Master of the Order just 60 minutes before the Order members will start arriving. Your mission: Navigate through the library, find the stone, and escape. All you have are the clues you find in the room, teamwork, and your wits to beat the room in one hour. All members of the first three teams to finish, and the two best dressed teams (costumes and virtual backgrounds count!) will receive a $25 electronic gift card.

Join as a team of 5-8 people or as an individual to be placed on a team:
Space is limited – sign up early!

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