Staff Assembly Town Hall: UC Retirement Health Benefit Changes

Join us for a brownbag town hall event to discuss the proposed changes to the UC retirement health benefits for non-represented staff and faculty.

Campus benefits experts and members of the UCSF Staff Assembly Executive Board will be on hand to guide the discussion.


What is the change to post-retirement health benefits that is being proposed?
The proposed action item for the July 2017 Regents meeting was to remove the 70 percent floor on the UC contribution to retiree health benefits and place a cap of 3 percent on year-over-year increases to UC costs. 

What does this all mean?
By removing the floor and capping UC's costs, the university effectively transfers rising health-care premiums to retirees. The assumed rate of health-care cost increase is 7 percent. Over the course of 20 years this would flip the proportion that UC pays to ~30 percent and the retiree to ~70 percent. The 70 percent floor was designed to provide some stability to retiree health-care costs.

Unlike the UC retirement plan (UCRP), retiree health benefits are not guaranteed. Regardless of how long you have worked for the university, UC has the right to make revisions to the retiree health benefit while you are employed and after you retire. This issue impacts us all, new, current and former staff and faculty.

What do we see happening?
Many UC employees choose to retire after calculating their retirement income. This is necessary because, except for Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA), there is no way for retirees to increase their income from the university. So when out-of-pocket health-care costs go up for retirees, this eats into their living expenses. There are already retirees and survivors of retirees who have to choose between health-care costs and food. To suddenly remove the 70% floor exacerbates this problem.

What can you do?
Voice your opinion and share your story at our upcoming town hall event, or post a comment on this proposed change at the UCSF Staff Assembly website.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 at 12:00pm to 1:00pm

N-729 Auditorium
513 Parnassus Avenue, San Francisco, California 94143

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