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Creating space to take a break during the day is important for your mind, body, and wellbeing. Join us as we share resources dedicated to making this happen for UCSF staff whether remote, in-person, or hybrid. We will be sharing lesser known break spots on campus, wellness and ergonomic tips and techniques when taking a break, and how to schedule space for yourself and your team into the work day. 

Join our panelists as they share insights, learning, and resources:

  • Kristin Amlie, Ergonomics and Human Factors Program Manager and Prinicipal Ergonomist, UCSF
  • Brooks Bigart, Writer/Editor and Flagship Events, Office of Diversity & Outreach, UCSF
  • Denny Nguyen, Landscape Supervisor, UCSF
  • Henry OCampo, Program Manager, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, UCSF Benifoff Children's Hospitals
  • Kathleen Yumul, Wellness Program Manager, UCSF

This event is a Staff Resource Days 2024 event! Please check out additional virtual and in-person Staff Resource Days events during the week of June 3 - 18, 2024 by searching for hashtag "SRD24" or visiting the Staff Resource Days website:

UCSF welcomes everyone, including people with disabilities to our events. To request a reasonable accommodation, please contact Brooks Bigart by emailing as soon as possible. 

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