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Hard-to-Reach Populations: Session 3

Guest Speaker: Dr. Sunghee Lee

Led by Dr. Meghan Morris

Co-led by Dr. Yea-Hung Chen


Sampling Methods for Socially Marginalized Populations:

The Hard-to-Reach Populations module will address methods for sampling for hardto-reach populations, such as Time-Location Sampling (TLS) and Respondent-Driven Sampling (RDS). Traditional sampling methods rely on an existing sampling frame to draw a representative sample of the target population to generate generalizable knowledge. Many populations of public health importance are socially marginalized (and criminalized) to the extent that an existing sampling frame is infeasible (if not also unethical), e.g., sexual and gender minorities, people who inject drugs, and (in some contexts) women seeking abortion services. This block will discuss recent developments in sampling approaches for hard-to-reach populations, debates concerning the representativeness of these samples, and statistical approaches to derive inference to the underlying target population. We will also discuss how applications of these modern sampling approaches have

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