Salsa on the Plaza!

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Salsa on the Plaza is coming this November -- a great way to warm up during the fall/winter season.


Dance outdoors during lunch time with colleagues and the overall UCSF community. Join us in-between the front of the Library and right behind the Bear and Cubs sculpture off of Parnassus Ave. There will be music, an instructor, and happy people dancing. An exciting opportunity to get free lessons from an expert instructor on how to dance salsa. There are options to dance solo or with a partner.



No formal registration, simply show up with your UCSF ID and show your interest by clicking on "I'm Interested" in the top right-hand corner.



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Thursday, November 21, 2019 at 12:30pm to 1:30pm

UCSF Library, Plaza 530 Parnassus Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94143-0840

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Class/Info Session, Arts & Entertainment


Students, Postdocs, Faculty, Staff




Campus Life Services


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Frances Peterson

Frances Peterson left a positive review 11/20/2019

While the turnout disappointed, the lovable and zany Susanna did not! She was warm, uninhibited, a great dancer herself, very knowledgeable about the technical aspects of salsa, and was able to shatter the ice right away and get us laughing and dancing. Tho' this seemed more of an Afro-Cuban Salsa form than I had studied, it was a blast and I even saw paramedics driving by with ginormous smiles. Now if that is all it did, then it was a huge success. Anything to buoy up the spirits of our First Responders. The workout element was great and she knew exactly how to lead a class through a set of varied and yet repetitive moves. She is the real deal. That quality in itself made the event a quality event. I was so very grateful for this event as, I do not have time to access social dancing as I used to and this gave me a chance to get in 1 hour of true exercise, add it to my Step-It-Up Challenge, and rid myself of work and life stress all at once. Glorious. I found my spirits were like a happy cloud well into the late night yesterday. What gratitude I felt to UCSF Events. The laughter, the sunshine, the camaraderie, the exercise release and bright music all contributed to my overall well being. My being was light. And that is gift. Thank you. Let's have more of these!