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January 24-26, 2024 at the Santa Clara Convention Center - Co-sponsored by UCSF (Full UCSF Line Up Here)

29+ UCSF speakers (see UCSF Ad Flyer) at this international conference! Highlights include: 
New Federal Programs Driving Transformative Health Breakthroughs (PANEL)
Chair: Keith Yamamoto, UCSF

Living Therapeutics for Precision Medicine - Chair: Michelle Hermiston, UCSF

AI-driven Advances in Precision Medicine (PANEL) - Chair: Sharat Israni

Real World Evidence Data Track - Atul Butte (Pioneer Award ceremony & panel)

Women's Health track - Sex Differences in Alzheimer's Disease - Chair: Marina Sirota
Monica Gandhi - Sex Differences in HIV

AI and Data Science in Clinical Practice Track - Health IT and Interoperability Policy (PANEL) Chair: Russ Cucina, UCSF, Julia Adler-Milstein

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