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Neuro-Oncology Survivors’ Peer Support Training

Thursday, October 21, 2021 11am to 1pm

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Within the UCSF Sheri Sobrato Brain Cancer Survivorship Program, we make a distinction between Survivors and Thrivers. Survivors are doing the best they can living with their disease, managing their side effects, and trying to learn as much as they can about it. Thrivers take this a step further and seek to make meaning out of their disease, connect in a supportive way with others, and live their best lives no matter their circumstances. There is no right or wrong here, simply a preference of mindset.

For those in the Thriver mindset, it is helpful to meet others like you. Thus, we have created an opportunity to meet others while simultaneously giving back through our Neuro-Oncology Survivors’ Peer Support Program

This opportunity is open to anyone living with a primary brain tumor who is interested in providing support to other survivors. 


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