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UCSF IT Governance Annual Grand Rounds event features guest speaker Michelle Robinson, DMD, MA; Interim Dean, UAB School of Education and Faculty Fellow, UAB Office of the Provost. 

Dean Robinson will give an overview of pivotal applications for data science with a specific focus on how it can impact you across the 3 missions of teaching, research, and service.  During the session, we will discuss the following: 

  • Using big (and small) data to discover innovations for patient care 
  • How data employed for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can make our world healthier 
  • Transformative teaching and learning tools made possible by data simulations 
  • Building research and entrepreneurship around data science 

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in breakout discussion applying the use of data to our mission areas. All welcome. Registration is required. 

Event Details

Dial in instructions are provided upon registration at