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Mindful breaths and mindful eating during your lunch break !!!

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Our lunchtime especially while working from home, our mind is divided in the several activities even though we know in the back of our mind that’s not in best interest. Let's together work on the lunchtime routine.

A growing body of research suggests that when we practice mindful eating, not only do we consume fewer calories, but we also feel fuller for longer, and are less susceptible to unhealthy cravings than when we eat while distracted.

Even if you have one minute to spare, squeeze in a few deep and mindful breaths during your tea or lunch break. Breathing deeply during a tea or lunch break will have the added benefits of aiding your digestion.

Deep breathing needs to become a subconscious go-to action any time you have a moment to breathe. The more you do it, the more your body and mind will become accustomed to it.

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  • Barbara Alonso
  • Peggy macy

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