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Kid Safe SF and Safer Street Advocacy.  JFK Promenade? Great Highway Park? Slow Streets?

Kid Safe SF has made these accomplishments a reality.

Safe SF believes that every street should be safe enough for kids to walk or bike to school, the park, and their daily destinations. When we design our streets to be safe for kids, they’re safe for everyone.

Join Safe Streets advocate Trish Gump to learn more about Kid Safe SF.
When: February 9th, 2024. 12:00 PST
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KidSafe SF is an organization of parents and concerned citizens advocating for safer streets and a healthier future for San Francisco. They strive to create healthier, safer, and more vibrant streets for our kids to walk, bike, and play without fear.

"San Francisco’s streets have become increasingly dangerous for our kids – and all residents. In 2022, 37 people were killed on our streets by drivers. Cars are also the #1 source of greenhouse gas emissions in the city and contribute to increasing rates of childhood asthma, gridlock congestion, and isolation.

  • We believe that a safer, more sustainable future is possible for San Francisco. We can get there by:
  • Advocating for bold, citywide action to redesign our streets as greenways that are safe enough for kids to move independently around the city.
  • Organizing at the neighborhood level for community-led street improvements.
  • Demanding changes to public policy and resource allocation to incentivize low-carbon transportation.
  • Building winning grassroots coalitions of people of diverse ages, abilities, and backgrounds to fight for change.

Join us in our mission to make San Francisco streets safer for our kids. Because when we make our streets safe for kids, they’re safe for everyone." - Kid Safe SF

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Hosts: UCSF Transportation and UCSF Bikes!

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