Josh Bress, MD: Using Technology to Reach Survivors of Sexual Violence in the Eastern Congo

Dr. Bress will share his work with this year's Nobel Prize laureate, Dr. Denis Mukwege, to improve access to immediate post-rape medical care in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.  The work, recently published in the British Medical Journal Global Health, is a novel application of a cloud-based inventory management system to track the usage of post-rape medical kits across a wide and remote geography.  He will share how that method is improving access to care after sexual violence while shining a light on a hidden human rights crisis.   

President of Global Strategies. The places in the world with the highest early mortality rates are also the places where the health data is the poorest. Our strategy is to transform frontline healthcare workers into precision data collectors while facilitating, rather than impeding, their busy work caring for patients. We focus on simple and scalable technologies that allow healthcare providers to track their outcomes in real-time using cloud-based data collection software and analysis tools.  

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