Intro to JSON using Python

This course is intended as a follow up to basic Python, Pandas, and SQL. Researchers who have taken introductory workshops often have familiarity with basic Python data structures such as lists, data frames, and dictionaries, but may have worked with nested tree structures.  In addition to reviewing web services, REST, and JSON, this workshop will teach participants how to traverse a tree structure and convert it to other data structures, such as a tabular dataframe, prior to analysis.

In this workshop, we'll use the National Library of Medicine's JSON based web service to investigate drug interactions. We will also use Python and JSON to analyze the recent CORD-19 research datasets. For more information on the syllabus and topics, please see the course web page at:


This workshop will involve lots of hands-on coding wtih JSON and Python. To follow along with the coding exercises, you should be familiar with core Python, at the level covered in Intro to Python Part 1 and Intro to Python Part 2. If you haven't enrolled in these introductory workshops, you can access the coursework and self-study options on the main DSI Programming web page at:


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Friday, October 23 at 9:00am to 12:00pm

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