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FSAP Presents: Helping Helpers Help Themselves: Increasing Professional Resilience and Navigating Burnout

This presentation includes tools to support those in the “Helping” fields (providers, support teams, professors, learners, etc.) in effectively assessing their Professional Quality of Life, identifying areas of individual need, and choosing targeted tools to support work-life balance. Providing care to others comes in many forms, both in and out of the workspace. This presentation is designed to offer research-focused insight into the spectrum of personal impact caring can have on wellbeing and empowers “Helpers" to care for themselves as effectively as they do for others, with a focus on developing more sustainable balanced lives.

Presenter: Jessica Allanson, Ph.D., FSAP Clinical Psychologist & Coordinator of Fellowship Training

Dr. Jessica Allanson is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who has been practicing in the Bay Area for over a decade. She specializes in supporting health care workers, fellow providers, and organizational teams through education, self-discovery, and personal agency. Dr. Allanson works specifically with issues including career development, interpersonal relationships, substance use, grief and loss, healing from trauma, and personal/team transitions. Her passion for teaching coupled with a belief that small changes can create resounding positive impact result in a relational, empowering style of counseling and teaching. Dr. Allanson uses a combination of empirically validated behavioral techniques, honest self-inquiry, and light humor to support her clients in learning the best ways to effectively navigate their lives. Her goal is to support her clients in creating sustainable, fulfilling, and balanced lives for themselves.

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