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Drop-in Lunch Hour Chat with UCSF Genetic Counselors

November 4 is Genetic Counselor Awareness Day, and to celebrate, we’d love to connect!

If you are part of the UCSF community and thinking about your next career move, or if you're a proud grandparent wondering how genetics impacts your growing family, or anything in-between, we'd love to hear from you!

If you haven't heard about genetic counseling before or have ever had questions about who to contact for inherited health concerns, please feel free to drop-in anytime from 12pm-1pm on Thursday November 4th! Someone will be available to chat anytime you hop on and some of our institution's talented genetics experts will be ready and waiting to take questions.

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If you can't drop-in to our Lunchtime chat November 4th from 12pm - 1pm, please feel free to check out our profession online at or contact the organizer if you have questions.

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