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DEI and How Belonging Transforms

Leah Pimentel, MBA, the inaugural UCSF department-level director of DEI & culture, helps people be “comfortable with the uncomfortable,” by learning about things outside of their familiarity. She will discuss how leading with kindness creates a welcoming culture that achieves the maximum benefit from the diverse perspectives on our teams at UCSF. In her November Fireside Chat, Pimentel will also present the Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care’s 2022 DEI strategic plan. Please join her as she dives into the department’s initiatives and evidence-based practices to improve culture and wellbeing for teams and leaders.

This Fireside Chat will be offered on November 9th at 12pm, and again on November 15th at 5pm. Please register for the date that is most convenient for you! If you're not able to make either date, you can request to receive a link to the webinar recording on the registration form. UCSF supports a climate of full inclusion and equitable access to events and programs. You can request accommodation for this event using the registration form, or by emailing Sheara Cohen at

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