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Lung cancer is responsible for the most cancer-related deaths in the United States. About 6% of people will develop lung cancer. In San Francisco alone, about 400 people will be diagnosed with lung cancer in 2019. However, lung cancer screening can catch lung cancer early and help reduce its mortality rate by up to 20 percent. Unfortunately, only 4 percent of people who are eligible for lung cancer screening are actually getting screened. Join us to learn more about how low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) scans can be used to detect lung cancer, why early detection is important, the steps to take after LDCT, its insurance coverage, and eligibility requirement. This is a free and bilingual (English/Cantonese) lecture. All are welcome. Reservations:

肺癌是美國最多因癌症死亡的原因,約6%的人會患上肺癌。僅在舊金山,2019年將有約400人被診斷出患有肺癌。但是,肺癌篩查可以儘早發現肺癌,並有助於將其死亡率降低多達20%。不幸的是,只有4%符合肺癌篩查條件的人接受篩查。了解如何使用低劑量輻射電腦斷層掃描(LDCT)來檢測肺癌,為何早期檢測很重要,做完LDCT之後的步驟,其保險範圍和資格。歡迎參加這個雙語(英語/普通話)的講座。詳情請參見下文。 或點擊這裡進行網上註冊

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