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Computational Cancer Community (C3) "Lightning Talks"

Monday, June 10 @ 9am In-person in HD160 and online via zoom

  • Andrew Clugston, PhD (Sweet-Cordero Lab)- "High-confidence mapping of oncogenic structural changes in osteosarcoma"
  • Daniel Zamler, PhD (Costello Lab) - TBD
  • Xiaolin Zhu, MD, PhD (Quigley Lab) - TBD
  • Jon Akutagawa, PhD (Huang Lab)- TBD
  • Madhumita Sushil, PhD (Butte Lab) - "CORAL: Expert-Curated Oncology Reports to Advance Language Model Inference"
  • Arda Demirci (Huang Lab)- Attention-based Models for Prostate Cancer

Questions? Email Edna Rodas

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