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Celebrating PRIDE through Poem-making

Tuesday, June 22, 2021 1pm to 2pm

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Poem-making and listening is a form of healing that enables us to creatively express feelings and be surprised at the words that flow through us.


Offered by Redwing Keyssar, RN, Author & Poet, of the UCSF MERI Center for Education in Palliative Care with MUSIC by Patrice Haan, Harper with UCSF Art for Recovery


In this one -hour session we will:

·Do brief self-introductions
·Listen to a poem or two
·Respond to the poems by simply repeating words or a line that resonates in you or makes you curious or questioning.
- The INTENTION is to stay focused in our hearts, rather than our minds. 
- We will come  to appreciate the opportunity to just listen to the words and to each other's responses to the words. This is different than "discussing" a poem, which is not the intention in our short time together.   
·THEN we do short writing  sessions (2-5 minutes) based on a prompt
·If you choose to read what you have written (which we encourage!), then others will again reflect back what lines resonate for them.    

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