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Bike to Wherever Day is San Francisco’s favorite biking holiday. On Thursday, May 16, unite with fellow members of the UCSF community in pedaling to your destinations across campus or simply for the joy of riding. Cycling is easier than you think. Perhaps the best reason of all to ride bikes is that it's fun. A lot of fun. Few other transport modes can make the same claim. Getting on your bike is probably the best way to get from A-B with a smile on your face.

Want to ditch the car and hop on a bike for your commute? Not sure where to start? Don't worry, we've got your back! Here are a few ideas and tips from John Hamiga of UCSF Bikes!  Read more.

Bay Area Bike to Wherever Days 2024 -
SF Bicycle Coalition - 

Quick reminder: donate to your local bike advocacy org. These folks are the real MVPs, advocating for safer streets, better bike lanes, and all-around cycling goodness.


Intro to Biking @ UCSF (Virtual). Join us for an informative session covering everything you need to feel confident biking in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Whether you're new to biking or looking to brush up on your skills, this is the perfect class for you.

Date: May 14, 2024
Time:12 pm to 1  pm
Register now.  Click here.  
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Adventures in Bike Commuting (Virtual). Join us for an electrifying session where we'll dive into the wonderful world of bike commuting. Featuring Craig Cohen MD MPH, Malinda Walker, and Natasha Timmons MURP.

Date - Thursday May 30th, 2024
Time - 12 pm - 1 pm PT
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E-Bike Purchase Program. Ready to ride into the future with style? The revolutionary E-Bike Purchase Program brought to you by Systemwide Procurement, a game-changer stemming from the UC UAW agreement ratified in December 2022. If you've been eyeing an e-bike or know someone keen on cruising in an eco-friendly fashion, this is the moment to spread the word far and wide.

Check out all the details and start pedaling towards a greener tomorrow: 


UCSF’s first Bicycle and Micromobility Plan (2022) addresses both human-powered and electric bikes and micromobility vehicles such scooters and skateboards.


Bike with Us - UCSF Transportation - The page contains information about biking facilities, resources, and programs offered by UCSF to encourage biking as a mode of transportation for commuting to work or around campus. 

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