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AAIC Neuroscience Next is a virtual event that features the next generation of researchers and noted plenary speakers presenting from "hybrid hubs" across the globe. The hybrid hub format aims to connect both global and local communities.

The scientific program includes plenary presentations on "The Future of Alzheimer's and Dementia Research" topics in neuroscience delivered by leaders in the field and Lightning Presentation Rounds from early career researchers. This core program will be available virtually to all conference registrants, broadcast live from the following hybrid hubs:

  • Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • San Francisco, U.S.
  • Bangalore, India
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Belgrade, Serbia
  • Chicago, U.S.


San Francisco Hub Agenda

  • 8:00am Registration
  • 8:30am Breakfast workshop options:
    • How to get published with Drs. Dena Dubal and Kristine Yaffe
    • How to get funded with Drs. Russel Swerdlow & Shea Andrews
    • How to forge fruitful collaborations with Dr. Lea Grinberg
    • How to give a presentation with Dr. Bruce Miller & Alex Ehrenberg
  • 9:30am Early career faculty talks
  • 11:00am Live stream from Brazil Neuroscience Next Hub
    • Plenary: Dr. Sandrine Humbert Grenoble Lightning talks
  • 12:30pm San Francisco Global Broadcast
    • Plenary: Dr. Russel H. Swerdlow Broadcasted lightning talks
  • 2:30pm Local early career researcher talks
  • 4:15pm Career panel
  • 5:00pm Poster session & reception
  • 6:30pm Award presentation & Closing

Register for the San Francisco Hub for free:

  • Breakfast, lunch, and refreshments provided
  • Travel stipends available for non-UCSF attendees
  • Registration and abstract submission for the global virtual platform also open
  • Abstracts for the SF Hub collected via submissions to the global platform

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