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All DPBS faculty, staff, and learners interested in learning more about our department's outreach and advocacy efforts at the local, state, and federal levels, as well as ways they can get involved, are invited to join us for a panel discussion featuring:

  • Francesca Vega, UCSF Vice Chancellor of Community and Government Relations
  • Eric Anthony, UCSF Director of Federal Government Relations
  • Amiee Alden, UCSF Director of State and Local Government Relations
  • Matthew State, MD, PhD, DPBS Chair
  • DPBS faculty sharing outreach and advocacy examples
  • Marina Tolou-Shams, PhD (moderator), DPBS Vice Chair for Community Engagement, Outreach, and Advocacy


This event is open only to UCSF Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences faculty, staff, and trainees.

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