2017 Chancellor's Health Policy Lecture with Hal Barron

Hal Barron, MD, is the President of Research & Development at Calico, a company founded by Google whose mission is to unravel the biology of aging in order to develop interventions that can extend health-span. 

Hal will discuss what he has learned about innovation in science and medicine based on his over 20 years of experience in the biotechnology industry, and potential implications for health policy at the local, national and global level. He will reflect on his time at UCSF, Genentech and most recently at Calico. 

Hal will focus on the unique and important value that data (and its interpretation) plays in innovation. Specifically, he will highlight how to see signals in data that people may have missed, found “inconvenient,” or that can only be seen once a system is stressed. He will reflect on the value of pushing technology to the bleeding edge to see signals others could not have observed. Lastly, he will reflect on what signals we can observe from studying “outlier” populations (akin to positive deviance in health policy research), and highlight the important contribution that role models play - whether they be specific companies or people - in creating an innovative culture.

About the Speaker
Hal V. Barron, MD, is one of the most respected clinician-scientists and successful drug developers in the biotechnology industry. Hal is Calico’s president of research and development.

He was most recently executive vice president, head of global product development, and chief medical officer of Hoffmann-La Roche. There he was responsible for all the products in the combined portfolio of Roche and Genentech. Barron joined Genentech in 1996 as a clinical scientist. During the next several years, he held positions of increasing responsibility and leadership within cardiovascular research and specialty therapeutics. In 2002 Barron was promoted to vice president of medical affairs. In 2003 he became the senior vice president of development. In 2004 he was appointed chief medical officer and in 2009 he was appointed executive vice president.

Prior to joining Genentech, Barron received his Bachelor of Science in physics from Washington University in St. Louis, his medical degree from Yale University, and completed his training in medicine and cardiology at the University of California San Francisco. Barron’s academic positions include associate adjunct professor at the University of California San Francisco. He has been issued several patents for his work in thrombosis and angiogenesis and has published more than 90 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Cole Hall Auditorium
513 Parnassus Avenue, San Francisco, California 94143

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