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Considering BRCA Genes: Knowledge Improves Outcomes

Join us for a gathering of UCSF’s distinguished global experts on BRCA mutations’ relationship to breast cancer. Learn about genetic testing, cancer risks...

10/24 6pm
Zoom Conferencing Demo

Come and learn about UCSF's new confernecing utility ZOOM. Guranteed to make your all your video conferencing meetings happier! Bring your laptop so we can...

10/25 1pm
Sokolow Memorial Cancer Endowment Lectureship

Patrick S. Moore, MD, MPH, Director, Molecular Virology Program, UPCI; Professor, Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry, University of Pittsburgh School of...

10/25 4pm
ICHS Seminar Series feat. Andrew Moore, Dean of CS at CMU

Andrew Moore, PhD Professor and Dean of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon Univ Former VP of Engineering, Google Pittsburgh (2006-2014) Over the last two...

10/30 4pm
Faculty Research Lecture Basic Science

Faculty Research Lecture Basic Science awarded to Robert Stroud, PhD

3/8/2018 3:30pm

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